More About Jace

So who is the man who created the venue offering the most authentic axe throwing Colchester has to offer, and what made him follow his dream? Jace is a man with many skills and talents, but it was a random visit to an axe throwing venue in London as a surprise birthday treat that opened his eyes to the world of axe throwing. In what was supposed to be a few hours of fun, something a little different that he hadn’t tried before, Jace found himself hooked from the very first throw!

Almost immediately after his axe throwing birthday surprise, Jace searched for an axe throwing venue closer to his home where he could learn to throw both axes and knives. From that point on, Jace was knife and axe throwing regularly, honing his skills to become an extremely competitive knife and axe thrower. So when Jace was invited to compete at the 2019 World Axe Throwing Championships, held at the Newark Racecourse, Jace jumped at the chance. In his first ever competition, a world championship no less, Jace managed a very impressive 5th and 9th place respectively.

Realising His Vision

It was after this incredible experience that Jace decided there and then that he wanted to show as many people as possible what knife and axe throwing is all about, and how it is such a brilliant sport for people of all skill levels and ages. So Jace decided to open his own axe throwing venue in Colchester, with the aim of making it the most authentic axe throwing Colchester had ever seen! And so Valhalla Lanes was born.  

Since opening Valhalla Lanes in Colchester, Jace has continued to compete in knife and axe throwing at the highest level. He has gone on to become a two-time UK champion, competed across the UK, France and Italy, winning another 30 medals, and in his most impressive showing, took bronze at the 2023 Axe Throwing World Championship in France!


But axe throwing is more than just a chance to win medals for Jace, he recognises the enormous mental health and self-confidence benefits of axe throwing. So Jace works with a number of children and adults with learning difficulties on a 1-2-1 basis to help with their confidence and has also worked with local scout and cub groups, plus the amazing Doucecroft School. 

Underlying all of Jace’s hard work in creating a venue that offers the most authentic axe throwing Colchester has to offer is providing an alternative sporting option that is fun as a one-off experience, an ongoing hobby, or a place where if you wanted to be more serious and compete you can get lessons from one of the best in the sport! 


If you are going to open a venue that gives the most authentic axe throwing Colchester has seen, you need a venue name that you won’t forget! The axe is synonymous with those mystical ‘Northmen’ from present-day Norway, Sweden and Denmark, who emerged from the Dark Ages to terrorise Northern Europe. We are of course referring to the Vikings! The Vikings were well known for their mythologies, which they held sacred. Perhaps the most famous of these is the belief that to reach the hall of warriors in the underworld, known as Valhalla, a Viking should be killed in battle with a weapon in their hand. That weapon was quite often the axe, and Vikings were well known for their axe throwing capabilities. You can bet if any Vikings were brought back to life today, they would give Jace a real run for his money at the World Axe Throwing Championships!

Luckily, the current sport of axe throwing doesn’t require the throwing of axes at each other for the rights to gold, silver, land and slaves, and you are not required to die in battle with an axe in your hand to reach Valhalla Lanes. All you have to do is give Jase a call on 01206 970033 and book a session at the most authentic axe throwing Colchester has to offer. Whoever said it was better in the olden days eh?


Axe throwing is becoming more and more popular, so why not give it a try at Valhalla Lanes, where you can experience the best axe throwing Colchester has to offer? Valhalla Lanes provides a competition set up, with duel lanes featuring 6 targets per lanes. This means 2 people can throw at 3 targets each in the same lane, competition style! It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner, as our very own Jace will be on hand to give his ax-pert advice to have you throwing like a true Viking in no time.  

Release your inner Viking and roar your Valhalla battle cry at the best axe throwing Colchester can offer you. We promise you won’t be disappointed!