Fun and Unusual Things to Do in Colchester: Axe Throwing!

Fun and Unusual Things to Do in Colchester!

Are you searching for fun and unusual things to do in Colchester? Look no further than Valhalla Lanes, Colchester’s premier knife and axe throwing venue that promises an unforgettable axe-perience. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Valhalla Lanes offers a unique, thrilling activity that combines fun, skill, and more than a touch of Viking spirit!

Unleash Your Inner Viking at Valhalla Lanes

Valhalla Lanes is the only knife and axe throwing venue in Colchester that features a competition-style setup with dual lanes. Each lane boasts six targets, allowing two players to throw at three targets simultaneously. This setup not only enhances the competitive spirit but also ensures that everyone gets ample throwing time. Whether you’re a seasoned thrower or a complete beginner, Valhalla Lanes provides a safe and enjoyable environment for all, truly making it one of the more unusual things to do in Colchester.

An Authentic Knife & Axe Throwing Experience

When it comes to knife and axe throwing in Colchester, Valhalla Lanes stands out for its authenticity and dedication to the craft. Founded by Jace, the 3 time (and reigning) UK Axe Throwing Champion, the venue aims to offer an authentic experience inspired by Viking traditions. Under Jace’s axe-pert guidance, you will learn to throw knifes and axes like a true Viking, mastering techniques that ensure both safety and precision. And that’s not all, Valhalla Lanes is one of the axe throwing venues to also offer knife throwing, and is the only local knife and axe throwing venue where you can try your hand at the 2 handed Berserker Axe!

Perfect for All Occasions

As one of the unusual things to do in Colchester, Valhalla Lanes is not just about knife and axe throwing; it’s about creating memorable experiences. It’s a family-friendly venue welcoming participants aged six and above, making it an ideal outing for families, friends, and even corporate teams. So if you are looking for unusual things to do in Colchester, Valhalla Lanes ticks all of the boxes!

Corporate Team Building

Looking for unusual things to do in Colchester for your next corporate event? Knife and axe throwing at Valhalla Lanes offers the perfect blend of fun and team bonding. Compete in a friendly yet competitive environment and discover who among your colleagues has the skills of a Viking warrior. It’s an excellent way to foster teamwork, improve morale, and let off some steam.

Parties and Special Occasions

You can celebrate your special occasions in Viking style at Valhalla Lanes. Whether it’s a birthday, stag or hen do, or even a unique date night, knife and axe throwing adds an exciting twist. Imagine the thrill of hitting the bullseye while surrounded by friends and loved ones! For those seeking unusual things to do in Colchester, this is it. We’ve even hosted proposals, making it a truly memorable venue for all sorts of celebrations.

Family Fun

Knife and axe throwing isn’t just for adults. With our axe-pert training, children as young as six can participate, making it a fantastic family activity. So you can spend some quality time together while engaging in a fun and healthy activity. The competitive yet friendly environment ensures that everyone has a great time!

More Than Just Axes

At Valhalla Lanes, the excitement doesn’t stop with axes! You can also try your hand at throwing knives or our unique Berserker Axe. This variety ensures that every visit offers something new and thrilling.

Affordable Fun

Knife and axe throwing at Valhalla Lanes is not only exciting but also affordable. For just £20 per person, you get a 60-minute session that includes training from a triple UK champion, or £40 per person for an hour of axe throwing and an hour of knife throwing. We also offer group booking discounts for parties of over ten people and special discounts for Blue Light Card holders, military personnel, and students. It’s axe-cellent value for an activity that guarantees a memorable experience.

Join the Valhalla Ranks

Are you ready to unleash your inner Viking and discover the thrill of knife and axe throwing? Valhalla Lanes is your go-to destination for unusual things to do in Colchester. Our resident Viking, Jace, is dedicated to ensuring you have a fantastic time, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned thrower.

Book Your Session Today!

Don’t miss out on one of the most unusual things to do in Colchester. Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and head to Valhalla Lanes for an unforgettable axe-perience. Give Jace a call on 01206 970033 to book your session. It’s time to free the Viking within you – Valhalla awaits!

Valhalla Lanes: Where Colchester’s axe throwing dreams become reality. Book now and let the adventure begin!